3 Versos

I am very excited about exploring short films and things like ‘ 15 Second ‘ Horror Challenges because I would like to try my hand- yet again- at screenplays, specifically ones that deal with the supernatural.

I think this format ( short films and these challenges ) are perfect for this genre!

I did take some screenwriting classes- which I was really very bad at. However, I may have lacked vision and direction for what it was I wanted to create. I think I’ve found it. I’m going to post examples of work I really enjoyed and explore what I thought made them so good.

Hopefully it will help me find my own direction.


I am starting off with ” 3  Versos ” ( Three Verses )

Description From Dread Central:

Subtitled in English, this Spanish-speaking quickie tells the story of a pair of sisters who make their way to visit psychic Margery after one of them was attacked by a malevolent spirit. Lady Margery is the stuff nightmares are made out of, with a cracked skull mask covering her features and a gravelly voice that would make even Linda Blair’s possessed Regan pee herself… well, more than she already did. As the two young girls sit with the mysterious Margery, we learn just what might be the cause of the terror and what might be done to subside it… MAYBE.

Description From Dread Central:

Subtitled in English, this Spanish-speaking quickie tells the story of a pair of sisters who make their way to visit psychic Margery after one of them was attacked by a malevolent spirit. Lady Margery is the stuff nightmares are made out of, with a cracked skull mask covering her features and a gravelly voice that would make even Linda Blair’s possessed Regan pee herself… well, more than she already did. As the two young girls sit with the mysterious Margery, we learn just what might be the cause of the terror and what might be done to subside it… MAYBE.

Six Doors

These first three doors are familiar doors- traditional, safe, predictable.

You don’t need to guess who or what is on the other side.

One look and the face of someone you know will pop right into your head and you’ll wait patiently ( maybe ) for someone to answer your knock or maybe you’ll just stroll right on in just like I did.

A.M. Moscoso

Photo A.M. Moscoso

Photo A.M Moscoso



Photo A.M. Moscoso

These  three doors are a little less traditional they were a little harder to find and  they are a little less inviting:

Photo A.M. Moscoso Royal BC Museum

Photo A.M. Moscoso

Photo A.M. Moscoso Ghostly Walk HQ Victoria, BC

Maybe you wouldn’t walk through them for any reason, maybe you would never find yourself in the position ask yourself, ” Do I do it? Do I knock and go inside? ”

Maybe you wouldn’t be there with a camera in your hand ( it was October when I took the last three pictures ) just after sunset asking yourself why you were so bewitched by these doors and what you would find on the other side if you just stepped over threshold.


Inspired By The Soul Food Café Prompt: Doors

Curious World: The Dirty Thunderstorm

I had this obnoxious former In- Law who really hated the Pacific Northwest. She thought that Colorado has where any and all interesting Geological history was or had happened.

She referred to the Pacific Northwest as the land of ” Volcanic Spew ” and said that there was nothing to be learned from studying the geology of this area.

I’m not sure where all of the hate for Washington state came from, but it just goes to show you ignorance and stupidity can be born from even the most over fed college educated brain and when you’re faced with it- educate yourself.

It’s the best way to deal with willful ignorance.

Over the years I have tried to  up on the research surrounding volcanos,  especially off world volcanos. But  one of the things that always intrigued me about the Volcanos here on earth were the stories about what was called ” Volcano Lightning.”

Less romantically known as a ” Dirty Thunderstorm

Ice Volcanoes on Pluto

I used to hear stories that when ” something ” was escaping from a volcano during ultra violent eruptions ( spirits for the most part ) the sure sign that something evil had entered the world.

That’s why, I learned through a bunch of stories that you didn’t always see lighting during an eruption.

Now I know that ice is involved and that thick clouds of ash” give rise to static electricity” and there you have it- Volcano Lighting.

So as I started to read about the science of Volcano Lighting I learned that it’s sort of interesting phenomenon, that understanding it could help with aviation during an eruption and that it hasn’t been thoroughly  researched or understood yet.

I’m not sure why I like that idea- maybe it’s because for a little while longer I can keep that image of ‘something’ escaping from a lake of lava, something dark, a taker of Souls a destroyer of worlds- and that something has a face, teeth and claws.

On the other hand, if you could ask the people of Pompeii or the victims of the Santorini eruption if they saw lighting, if they saw the taker of souls escape from the darkest center of the Earth they’d probably say yes, don’t you think?

Island of Thera (Santorin) in an eruption that may have created tidal wave destroying Knossus and wiping out the Minoans. (Credit: Universal History Archive/Getty Images)

So today I have learned something that could end up in a story or a poem or a nightmare.

We will see how it goes.






A Beast At The Feast

Photo A.M. Moscoso

I have nothing to say today, so why do I bother to write?

I’m not feeling inspired today, so why  should I bother to create a painting, a drawing or take a photograph.

I used to let myself take a creative pass until I realized how fast time was moving, that the best days I’ve had finished with me in front of my laptop writing a poem, a story or a post or looking through my camera to see what pictures I took that day.

At the end of the day I might not end up with the best short story in the world or the next great novel but if I can end the day with the thought, ” I created something today ” or ” I read something wonderful today ” then I have fed my Muse,  (  or my Beast  as I call it ) and I know that tomorrow we are going to be able to get closer to that place where the words will come together like magic and we will walk through that forest of words where ideas will explode from the vines  and burst from the trees with their sweet, luscious fruits.

And we will feast on it all.

Photo A.M. Moscoso


Dig Tree Activity #10

So There I Was

I was inspired by the Dig Tree Prompt today to sort out how I find my ideas for stories-my record of my creative journey ( so far )

I travel to places that have an air of mystery about them- like New Orleans for Halloween. I explore my neighborhood- I look for the small things like forgotten yard art, sidewalk art anything that said, ” I was here.” I explore cemeteries and I spend dedicated time to reading and listening to music. Most important I look as close to my own world and the things I love that inhabit it as I do about the Stars and Planets that I am challenging myself to learn about now.

These are pictures that I took  and small notes about why I captured that moment in particular.


Photo A.M. Moscoso

An unbearable story written in stone.


Photo A.M. Moscoso


I saw this in my neighbor’s garden- was it art, were the flowers art? Did they even remember it was there?

Photo A.M. Moscoso

My favorite type of storytelling- music.

I took this picture at the Royal BC Museum in Victoria BC.

I was in Victoria to learn Ghost Stories, but when I’m in Victoria I dedicate a day to the Museum. Who wouldn’t? That’s where I saw this wonderful machine.

                                                                  I wondered what it sounded like when it was played and how much people enjoyed it.


Photo A.M. Moscoso


The garden was beautiful but it is meant to be explored- I’d like to go back and just wander around  with no plans on what to see or do when I’m there. The Garden was created by  Jennie Butchart . 


Photo A.M. Moscoso

Some people are born story tellers- this is Jenny, a tour guide on a ” Haunted History Tour ” I took in New Orleans. This picture was taken on Halloween.

Photo A.M. Moscoso

This is a picture of my puppy that I took three years ago and I believe he was about 12  weeks old. I was looking at him through the lens and I thought:

” The Universe is 13 Billion Years old and it is infinite  and here you are little guy. You’re part of that history.


Photo A.M. Moscoso


Each of the experiences, the feelings of I had when I took trips alone, when I took a picture of one thing and found the story wasn’t the one I thought I was capturing ( and that was okay ) were all pieces of beautifully colored broken pieces of glass that  could put together in a million different ways. Each of those patterns told a story and  I am so glad I was there to see it happen.

Dig Tree Activity#9

Waltz With Me

It’s too bad, you’ve probably heard over and over again, that real life doesn’t have a soundtrack.

Who wouldn’t like to have a Pop tunes soaring around you on the good days, the Blues to accompany you on the hard days and a little Mozart playing in the background ( Or ELO, but that’s just me ) the rest of the time.

The thing of it is, when I was  a kid I did have a theme song.

I sang it on the way to school in the mornings, I sang it when I was learning to ride a two wheel bike and I sang it when I crashed it or fell out of the trees I liked to climb or when I was bored or waiting for my family to get to where we were going on car rides.

My Australian friends  consider this song their Unofficial Anthem, but I consider it my theme song and one day when I am being sent off into the great beyond I want it played at my funeral.

Just show up graveside, sing it and go.

So here it is- three different versions of ” Waltzing Matilda “but the soul of that song is in each one, so really they’re the same.

Somewhere in me, I suppose is that same spirit- at least I hope so.




Dig Tree Activity #8

The Dig Tree Project- Setting out

I’ve spent some time thinking about a writing project to start the year with and I have decided to go with The Dig Tree Project that  can be found at my friend Heather Blakeys website The Soul Food Cafe.

I chose to start here because of a book I’m reading- it’s called Halley’s Quest.

Edmond Halley is famous for accurately predicting the appearance of the comet that bears his mispronounced name but he was so much more.

Halley was once branded a heretic by the church, on his first voyage to chart the Seas he was nearly attacked by Pirates, his Second tried to take over his science and exploration vessel the Paramore and on his second voyage he saw penguins and Icebergs that in the fog and gloom were initially mistaken for Islands ( I’ve only got about halfway through the book ).

Halley was an explorer, an astronomer and he sailed the world in a science ship.

I am swept up in that adventure and I think it was an invitation of sorts to begin on my creative journey.

We are encouraged to remember that the creative spirit never evaporates- not even in the most hostile of circumstances.

I suffer from depression and it has got bad and I thought it had gotten the best of me at times.

But it didn’t, as Heather writes in this article creativity can be suspended until we find ourselves in more favorable circumstances. So I can say that in my experience it’s true because my writing is the best part of me and my illness did not get to it, it didn’t squash it or kill it.

It slept for a bit.

And by a bit I mean a month or sometimes two months at a time

So how did I wake it back up?


I wrote or took pictures every single day and then I set it aside. I didn’t judge it, I didn’t delete a word or an image. When I was having a good hour or so ( and those hours turned into days and it went up from there ) I would look at what I had done and…

I was proud of myself.

One of the things that  I found myself doing was re-acquainting myself with the world around me because I had pretty much checked out of it.

I walked across the street one day, from where  I work and discovered the little park on the corner was much more then granite blocks under some trees- the blocks told a story (you can see it HERE  )

I took some trips alone and spent a lot of time with my dog.

My dog is one of the happiest creatures I have ever met in my life and I got him when he was about 12 weeks old- this was  shortly after I started therapy and started to take medication for depression because this time around it was BAD.

Somehow I had managed when I was in my darkest hour to raise a puppy that had confidence, a healthy dose of curiosity, he was adventurous and outgoing.

I figured out that I was able to do that for him because I was able to put into practice all of those things that I had learned, but had not really done for myself.

I was inspired.

My life got better when I treated myself the same way I treated my beloved dog.

So in a way, Hamish helped me reawaken that creative part of me that I had let fall asleep while the drought withing me raged.

Photo A.M. Mocoso

One of the best things about becoming creative again is that I began to devour books again.

For Christmas my family loaded me up with gift cards and I used them on books- here are the books I’ll be reading after I finish my the book about Edmond Halley:


So this is how I fed my muses when I didn’t care about feeding myself, this is the road I stayed on when the urge to run somewhere as long as it was anywhere from myself. It wasn’t easy. But it was an adventure. And that made it worthwhile.


The Dig Tree – Activity#7

To Art Or Not To Art?

On Christmas Eve I bought a gingerbread train kit because I thought it would be fun to put it together- well, I thought it would be fun to watch my nieces and one of my sons put it together.

All three of them are very artistic- so I had this idea.

Would they do a bang up job because they’re all artists? Or would they not do a bang up job because they’re artists?


Photo A.M. Moscoso


It started out well enough- though I did notice that they weren’t paying attention to the directions ( which are on the back of the box as you can see here). They seemed to be taking direction from the picture on the box. They’re all visual, so that made sense.

They divided up the tasks and sort of organized the pieces of gingerbread. They were off to a good start.

Photo A.M. Moscoso

Photo A.M. Moscoso

My dog, Hamish didn’t seem to be interested in the gingerbread or the candies. I took that as a sign and made a note to myself not taste anything.

Photo A.M. Moscoso

Somewhere in this directed creative process, my artists went off the rails- they started to have fun. They started to play with the royal icing, they tried played with the pieces of gingerbread and fit them together because it looked right and they didn’t use the tray that would have pretty much made them build the train in one direction and one direction only.

They joked and laughed they had a great time with each other and we had a great time watching them.

So how did it turn out?

I wanted the little heart design and I got it.

The rest?


Photo A.M. Moscoso

Photo A.M. Moscoso

This is what I learned.

My family has a great sense of humor.

I guess what I wanted to share here is that creating your art should be an experience- so we botched up the train- except for a few pieces. But this sad little train that my dog wouldn’t eat, this poor little train whose whereabouts are unknown ( only because ‘landfill’  covers a massive area in our neck of the suburbs ) is going to live forever in our family lore.

Our story won’t be, ” We built a gingerbread train and everyone liked it so much we hated to put it away. ”

This story is going to be epic- it’s going to grow in telling every-time we build gingerbread houses or decorate Christmas cookies.

That’s what being creative is all about.

It’s a process, it’s a story, it’s a journey.

It’s also a lot of fun, if you’re willing to  go there.

Photo A.M. Moscoso