Garden of Abaddon



Your bones are graceless

the light has gone from your eyes

your soul has since fled

the rotting husk you live in


Let me free you

from your tomb here on Earth

I’ll craft you a new one


where you belong

I’ll bury you deep

I’ll leave you to sleep



and scream



The Garden of  Abaddon.



 Is for Descent into the Under World





The Found


First they whispered

from under my bed

‘ come and find us’

they hissed

with ice in their blood

and fear in their veins

” Go away ” I said

and they did.

” Come and find us “

They whispered

when I was lost in thought

driving my car, taking a walk

” Go away ” I said

and they did.

” We’re going away “

they said

” We will leave you alone, it’s what you want  isn’t it? “

” No ” I hissed with ice in my veins

” Don’t leave me alone. Stay with me forever”

I offered

as I slid into the dark

under my bed.



 Is for Descent into the Under World

1. separation from the family