Over the Christmas holidays I asked my friends for their real addresses so that I could send them Christmas cards.

I was surprised by how many people told me that  they were excited about getting mail, actual real mail that you can touch, delivered by the Post Office at Christmas time.

I thought that reaction was fun and interesting to experience because ‘sending out cards’ had slolwy turned into one more thing we felt like we ‘had to do’ during the holidays and then e-cards came along and that was that

This somewhat unfashionable ritual made  feel a bit nostalgic  for the ‘old days’  and once I sent my cards out  I put it out of my mind until my friend who lives in Australia sent me a card and some Lifesavers in flavors that we don’t have here in the States and what can I say?

This dark little thundercloud was tickled pink and that made an overlooked, formally time honored tradition fun again.

Photo A.M Moscoso

Photo A.M.Moscoso


Who’s A Good Boy?

Photo A.M. Moscoso

This is my dog  Hamish Macbeth.

This isn’t the greatest picture in the world but it’s the only picture I have of him and his little toy pig- who I will call Jodi.

Jodi, if you are a horror film fan know that it is the name of demonic character who took the form of a pig in film The Amityville  Horror.

Hamish would approve of the name ” Jodi ” for a few good reasons.

Hamish and Jodi had an on and off again relationship.

Sometimes Hamish liked him and most of the time he pretty much hated Jodi because I used Jodi as a training aid. Jodi squeaked when you squeezed him and I used that squeak to get Hamish’s attention. So when I was starting to really work with Hamish on his off-leash recall,  Hamish got to really hate Jodi.

Whatever fun thing Hamish was doing- running around sniffing things, playing in the bushes, chasing bugs eating snacks he stole out of my backpack, he had to stop and come forward and sit.

Hamish was good at it, but he started to really, really hate Jodi The Squeaky Pig.

One day I went to the cupboard   where I kept Hamish’s training kit- his lead, his reward treats and Jodi.

The treats that Hamish loved were all there. The lead was there and oddly enough one of Hamish’s favorite toys, which I never kept with his work kit was there.

But Jodi was gone.

Hamish was behind waiting for me to get his stuff out so we could go outside  and when I turned around with his toy in my hand he looked very happy- ” Good girl! ” that look said to me.

I thought maybe I had forgotten to put Jodi away and Hamish got him.


The lead suspect in the disappearance of Jodi The Squeaky Pig- Hamish Macbeth
age 3 months.

Last Summer- just about a month after Hamish Macbeth turned three years old  we moved and when we got to our new place I was in my new office doing some work when I heard a little squeak.

I turned around and Hamish opened his mouth and dropped this on the floor next to my chair:

From Beyond The Grave?
Jodi Returns.

You know, I like the movies about cursed toys- but they are always spooky looking dolls or something.

I don’t think there’s one about little squeaky toys that got into some weird battle of the wills with a dog.

I’m not sure who won the battle in this case, but when I took Jodi out to take his picture this morning I gave him a little squeak and Hamish trotted to my side, sat and when he thought I wasn’t looking he tried to eat Jodi.

I picked Jodi up just in time and put him on the top shelf of my closet.

I think he’ll be there when I get home today.


Photo A.M. Moscoso


Inspired By The Soul Food Café Prompt: Hatred Smoldering In The Hills

A Map Of My Heart

A.M. Moscoso

Photo A.M. Moscoso

Photo A.M. Moscoso

Photo A.M. Moscoso

Photo A.M. Moscoso

Photo A.M. Moscoso

Photo A.M. Mocoso

I chose these pictures to place on  the map of my heart because each one represents something distinct in my personality- my creativity, my anger, what makes me feel hopeful what makes me feel afraid, what gives me strength, what makes me feel weak.

All of these places inspire me as a writer and as The Train Wreck Poet

I call myself The Train Wreck Poet  because it best describes what I do- I put all of these words together and people- myself included can’t help but to look at the mess at the side of the tracks.

It’s funny, until I sat down and put this piece together I never really thought of the poetry part of my writing routine. It sort of worked it’s way into existence and now I do it.

I should probably take it more seriously but I don’t at the moment.

Now isn’t that something- I sat down and put some pictures together and learned something new about myself.

And I think I’ve found a new way to see the world and myself.


Inspired by  Maps of the Heart– An Alluvial Mining Adventure


Crow’s Peregrination

Creativity is a monster- eventually you have to turn it loose:

Inspired by the Soul Food Café Project: Manhole Covers

” It’s like this, ” the crow said to  me  from above ground, where it is always light ” if you come out of there I can show you the mysteries and the curiosities of the world. ”

” All of them? ” I asked from below the street where it was always dark.

” Well. Most of them.”

” But if you’ve discovered them they’re not mysteries anymore. Right? So what does that leave? A trip to see the world biggest ball of string?”

” You’re a smart aleck kid. Climb on up and let’s hit the road.”

I put my hands up above my head  and had every intention of pushing the heavy metal manhole cover to the side, but what was the rush? I’d  been down here for so long. What was a few minutes more?

‘”You know, I always thought I’d follow the bats out of here one day.”

” And why was that?”

” Because they are polite. They say things like, ‘would you care to join us for an evening topside?’ ”

I heard a series of dull little taps coming from above.  Each tap followed a word:

” And look where that politeness has gotten  you.”


I pushed up and moved the cover to the side.

” This had better be worth the trip. ” I said to Crow as I lifted myself up and out of the darkness, where I could not see much of anything,  straight into the light where I could see nothing at all.

” What good is the light if you can’ see anything? This is horrible. I’m going back.”

” You’ll get used to it. ” Crow said the words, but there was no comfort or reassurances gilding them.

” We’ll see about that. ” I was about to lift myself out and just so I could prove to Crow how useless this effort of mine was going to be  when Crow leaned over me and tapped on my forehead

” You’re a stubborn little devil, aren’t you? Now let’s get moving. ”

I fluffed my hair over my forehead, hiding my tiny little pearly white horns and told him, ” You have no idea.”

Photo A.M. Moscoso

Grave Thoughts in July

Photo A.M. Moscoso

Is anyone down there?

Is anybody home?

Are you dreaming?

Are you asleep?

Photo A.M. Moscoso

I will call  again


with caution

and fear

Photo A.M. Moscoso

Is anybody down there

are you


are you


Inspired By The Soul Food Café Prompt: Manhole Covers


This is a challenge a friend put to a few friends from a writing group that formed at the Soul Food Café.

The Challenge is called ” Manhole Covers “.

For this part of the challenge I could have just posted the pictures of the covers but I wanted to flesh it out a little.

This is my start, I’d like to add to it so let’s see where it goes this is a multi level challenge so I’m pretty excited about doing it.

I’ve called this answer to part of the challenge 

” Created “



Photo A.M. Moscoso

Do you wonder what’s down there?

Below your feet

in the dark?


Photo A.M. Moscoso

Does it know the sound of your voice?

Did it hear what you said that day to yourself

when you thought no one was there

except for you?


Photo A.M. Moscoso

Do you think it will break free one day?

Will it see the sign will it follow the path

to you?

Will it be sunny or dark?

I wonder about.

Photo A.M. Moscoso

What will it see when it looks up?

Where will it go?

What will It want?

Photo A.M. Moscoso

Will it be hungry.

I wonder.

How hungry will it be.

Photo A.M. Moscoso

Inspired By The Soul Food Café Prompt: Manhole Covers

Six Doors

These first three doors are familiar doors- traditional, safe, predictable.

You don’t need to guess who or what is on the other side.

One look and the face of someone you know will pop right into your head and you’ll wait patiently ( maybe ) for someone to answer your knock or maybe you’ll just stroll right on in just like I did.

A.M. Moscoso

Photo A.M. Moscoso

Photo A.M Moscoso



Photo A.M. Moscoso

These  three doors are a little less traditional they were a little harder to find and  they are a little less inviting:

Photo A.M. Moscoso Royal BC Museum

Photo A.M. Moscoso

Photo A.M. Moscoso Ghostly Walk HQ Victoria, BC

Maybe you wouldn’t walk through them for any reason, maybe you would never find yourself in the position ask yourself, ” Do I do it? Do I knock and go inside? ”

Maybe you wouldn’t be there with a camera in your hand ( it was October when I took the last three pictures ) just after sunset asking yourself why you were so bewitched by these doors and what you would find on the other side if you just stepped over threshold.


Inspired By The Soul Food Café Prompt: Doors