If You Go Into The Woods…

I went for a walk in the woods

to maybe hear a  story, or find a story or maybe I just wanted to see what was there…

 I’m sure I was seen too.

I can only hope I was this fascinating:

Photo A.M. Moscoso

Photo A.M. Moscoso

Photo A.M. Moscoso

Photo A.M. Moscoso

Inspired by the SFC Prompt: The Visitor


Last year I went to the Midwest to visit my son and to introduce myself to my first grandchild  and this was who sat in the next aisle over from me.

This is Loki.

Photo A.M. Moscoso

First off, I wasn’t sure how I felt about becoming a Grandmother because I listen to the Ramones and I eat Pizza and watch old horror movies every Friday with my dog because that’s what I’ve done since I was about five years old.

The only difference now is that I get to choose the pizza and all of the toppings for myself and I have a different dog but I let him eat pizza from his own plate next to me on the couch and NOBODY can tell me not to feed the dog in the living room  and to always let other people choose what went on the pizza because I wasn’t- as my family would put it ” Not God ”

So like I said, ” Anita is a Grandmother ” sounded a little funny when I said it out loud. I don’t feel grown up enough to have walked into that role.

You’re probably wondering, “what does this have to do with a dog named Loki who sat next to me on the airplane?

The God Loki was a trickster and to put it nicely, he was a bit of an underhanded cad.

So what was my takeaway from this?

I sat next to a dog named Loki on the day I was flying out to explore a new part of my life that I never saw myself living.

I could fly to this destiny and embrace the fact that I was a Grandma now and that it was probably time to cut off my hair and wear sensible outfits and become a little more patient and dignified.


I could keep in my that I was flying to this new stage of my life with a dog ( who are the best things  to have been  created ) named after God who was known for shape shifting.

In turn Loki shifted from flea, a kite, an old woman he had a wicked tongue and was evil in spirit and he was connected to flight.

I guess I knew that I might be changing or phasing and that’s ok.

As long as I remember Loki did all of those things with gusto, guts and bit of wickedness and probably humor to boot.

That I can do.

Photo A.M. Moscoso Hamish getting ready for ” Pizza Night “



It’s Actually A Funny Story

This is a little look into my creative process:

Last year I visited Wisconsin for the very first time and my family- with the happy addition of my beautiful Granddaughter- took a nature hike at a park outside of Fox Lake.

Here’s a picture of my handsome son and his beautiful baby:

Photo A.M Moscoso

There was greenery everywhere- even the turtles- who I had never seen in the wild before were green. I’m from Washington state, so the minute I see green and blue I instantly feel at home and I settled into my creative ways right off the bat.

That is always a good thing, right?

Because of  the I felt so at ease,  I saw a lot of potential  for some great shots that I could use for my Halloween stories.  Ok, Halloween was like five months away but if I want to post daily I get my work finished by the end of August.

Photo A.M. Moscoso


Photo A.M. Moscoso

Photo A.M Moscoso

So I was standing at this lookout point and I could see marshes and animals like hawks trying to not be noticed as they went about their day and these gnarly clusters of trees and the ground was super soft and if you wanted to:

” This would be a great place to dump body parts.” I told my son and about a dozen people standing next to us who were part of a bird watching group. ” I mean, what you don’t toss into the marsh is going to get eaten by a hawk or maybe foxes or something like that.”

My son who knows his Mother well wasn’t  exactly  taken back by my observation.

” So. ” I said as these beautiful birds burst from a tree and took flight over head and my Granddaughter crowed in delight. ” Are there any old cemeteries around here?”

” You know the kinds I like, the creepy ones ghosts wouldn’t get caught dead haunting.”

My son assured me there was and did we want to stop for Ice Cream first?

” Hell yes!” I  said with boatloads of enthusiasm, because who doesn’t love Ice Cream on a hot day?

I turned around and a group of very nice people who were enjoying a day of bird watching looked from the sky to me and I sort of tilted my head forward so that my bangs  fell across my eyes and I smiled, well my version of one.

Yeah. I didn’t help myself there much. It’s not one of my more Grandmotherly looks- unless you put it in the same category as the Wolf pretending to be Red Riding Hood’s Grandmother.

I suppose that sometimes it might serve me well to remember to use my inside voice when I’m working.

But when inspiration takes root and burst to life, I don’t think that reigning it in is the thing to do. In my case, I let it run wild.


The Wishing Well


Photo A.M. Moscoso

Her name is

Jingle Gravesend

and she was the there when the Sphinx was newly built

Her name is

Jingle Gravesend

and she was there when the Sun burst to life

in the sky.

Her name is

Jingle Gravesend

and she fought in the Crusades on a black horse

and wherever she rode

Death would step to the side let her have her way.

Her name is Jingle Gravesend


todays she sits by a Wishing Well

and she is  thinking  about her Cat

with the mismatched eyes

and her dog with two faces

and she is thinking about the years

she has spent

without them

then she hides her face in her hands

and she wishes with all of her might

after she drops her coins

into the Wishing Well  at  the Garden at Bancroft Manor

that  no one sees her crying.


Bancroft Manor: Creating Dossiers

And The Moon Would Disappear

If you really want to write a story that will get under a reader’s skin

keep it real.

This is a clip about what would happen if the Sun were to go out- the most frightening part of that experience would be that the Moon would disappear from sight because the Sun would be no sunlight for it to reflect.

Taking away a given is more frightening to me then all of the Zombies in all of the graveyards in the world.