The Uninvited Guests

The Beach was gone, the sky was gone, the guy with the Frisbee and no one to toss it to was gone and the bad tempered lady who had snapped at my dog when he ran up to her wagging his tail  was gone too.

I hope a shark got her.

Right now, at this very second it was just me and my dog and we were standing in the hallway of a dusty  house  and I hoped an empty house. I was hoping it was empty because it looked exactly like my Grandmother’s house.

Nobody went into Grand’s house without an invitation, not even her family

My Grandmother’s house was not a normal house, which made sense because my Grandmother was not normal. Her house was haunted and cursed and she was the reason for all of those things.

My Grandmother is a Witch, you see. And she’s not one of those friendly witches with an herb garden and a black cat with a cute name like Maggie or Cinders.  She’s the kind of witch with  a black dog with yellow snakes eyes and a black goat named Bixby and the last time someone made her really angry it rained toads and the sky turned blood red for almost a week.

” I hope this place only looks like Grand’s House, ” I said to my dog. ” Look, at the top of the stairs to the right. There’s that green door. Just like at her place. There can’t possibly be two of them. Right? I mean, two people or two house like Grand.”

My dog’s name is Hamish and he stopped sniffing at the wall and looked up at me.

” Let’s hope not. ” he said. ” You know what she does to people who show up in her house uninvited.”

” You can talk.” was my answer.

I know my dog is smart and he most certainly is my best friend that I always talk too,  but he doesn’t bark much, let alone been a candidate for the role of a talking dog. He doesn’t even fetch half the time I throw stuff for him and he’s a Retriever for Pete’s sake.

” And you can hear. ” Hamish’s tail fell and his ears swiveled back  which is what always happens when something confuses him.

We stood there looking at each other, trying to decide which one of us was the most amazed.

But we weren’t standing there in amazement for long   because at the top of the stairs somebody sneezed.

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Bancrost Manor: Stories by Me Week One