Erasmus and Jingle Have A Chat

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Erasmus found Jingle exactly where she was everyday at around three o’clock in the afternoon.

She was in front of the window near the kitchens being “inspired.”

Today there was someone on the swing, twirling around and around seemingly oblivious to the man and woman watching them.

” So ,” Erasmus said. ” I suppose you may have heard we are down a Fortune Teller her at the Manor.”

Jingle raised her hand to the figure on the swing.

It continued to twirl.

” No. I hadn’t heard that.” She turned away from the window and Erasmus wasn’t she if that look of impatience and disgust was for him or the uninspiring Twirler outside.

” You wouldn’t have met up with her while you were out there looking for inspiration, did you.”

” Seriously Erasmus, what business would someone like me have with a Fortune Teller?”

” They have a way of getting at the heart of things, and if you have something to hide-”

Jingle turned back to the window and put her forehead against the glass. ” Yeah, well if that’s the case I just fell off your list of people to talk to. ”

Jingle turned to back to Erasmus and pointed to her chest. ” Haven’t had one in ages.”

Erasmus narrowed his eyes, which were very green and bloodshot ” That being the case, I don’t suppose you’ve seen anything unusual or out of place.”

” You’re kidding me, right?” she asked.

” No. I. Am. Not.”

“My first night here I saw a woman dancing on the stairs. She’s bad news Erasmus. She creeps me out, if you want to know the truth.”

Jingle cleared her throat, but to Erasmus it sounded like a growl.

Erasmus left Jingle to her quest for inspiration and he wondered, exactly what it took to scare a woman like Jingle. He wasn’t exactly sure he wanted to find out.

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