My Portrait In Words

A Non-Tradition Ice Breaking Exercise From My Writing Group 

at Bancroft Manor

Photo A.M. Moscoso

Every day after work

I look forward to walking  my dog because he makes me smile and when he’s done something well, like the time he found a bag of french fries in the bushes his eyes twinkle and his tail spins around in circles.

In the evening I write and I play with words and I write poems even though I’m not technically any good at it because I’m NOT any good at it and nobody can stop me from trying- it’s about as rebellious as I get now days. I used to be a musician and I wore a leather jacket and I wore black eyeshadow before it was cool.

As I was thinking about what it like to get home after work, what it’s like to reach my door ( at last!) and put the key in the lock and turn it and push my door open and what it’s like to see my  dog and my gargoyle collection on the mantelpiece and my cats on the couch and I just realized how I always exhale – I wonder was I holding my breath all day? What is THAT all about?

Anyway, what I popped into my head was I can walk in and out of doors all days long- the ones at work, the ones on the train, and yes I guess I take a deep breath and I hold it what for?

Weird right?

But there are other times, and there are other doors, like when I go to the symphony, or to the movies or to a museum or when I get on an airplane or a boat- the air just flows all around me and  I  think I know what it feels like to be a -kite one of those cool ones that look like a butterfly- and when I walk through that door I’m positive I’m  going to fly.

Photo by Don Milo on

Portraiture Part 1

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