Picture This

Photo A.M. Moscoso


There are so many ways to capture and preserve visual memories  that it can be overwhelming and in the end some of us ( like me for example ) find that it’s easier to just stay the course instead of trying to tread water in a Sea of options.

I’ve tried Facebook- though most of what I put on it is influenced by my ” Friends ” in the Facebook Community and not so much who I am as a creative.

I have linked  my WordPress sites to Facebook so  when I publish it shows up on my personal page, so that gets out there. And because I’m not one to literally put all of her eggs in one basket I store photos at Facebook, here in my media files at WordPress and on my computer.

Photo A.M. Moscoso

Three  things that I’ve found to be useful very useful  and  they did take some getting used to were Instagram, Pinterest ( both tied to my websites ) and my Photoshop App on my phone.

My Instagram account is sort of all over the place, but I think I am pretty close to getting it on track to work as a ‘visual’ diary.

All of what I put on Pinterest  visually  does reflect who I am as a writer, which is interesting. It didn’t really start out that way. But if you go through my boards you sort of start to get me as a writer.

What I’ve learned from discovering and using these new tools is that learning something new and working at it on a daily basis is a great confidence builder.

Who can’t use a little of that?

For now- go out there and have some fun and make the world a little more interesting.

I’ll be watching for it!

Photo A.M. Moscoso

While Waiting For Godot Prompt: Preserving Memories