Crow’s Peregrination

Creativity is a monster- eventually you have to turn it loose:

Inspired by the Soul Food Café Project: Manhole Covers

” It’s like this, ” the crow said to  me  from above ground, where it is always light ” if you come out of there I can show you the mysteries and the curiosities of the world. ”

” All of them? ” I asked from below the street where it was always dark.

” Well. Most of them.”

” But if you’ve discovered them they’re not mysteries anymore. Right? So what does that leave? A trip to see the world biggest ball of string?”

” You’re a smart aleck kid. Climb on up and let’s hit the road.”

I put my hands up above my head  and had every intention of pushing the heavy metal manhole cover to the side, but what was the rush? I’d  been down here for so long. What was a few minutes more?

‘”You know, I always thought I’d follow the bats out of here one day.”

” And why was that?”

” Because they are polite. They say things like, ‘would you care to join us for an evening topside?’ ”

I heard a series of dull little taps coming from above.  Each tap followed a word:

” And look where that politeness has gotten  you.”


I pushed up and moved the cover to the side.

” This had better be worth the trip. ” I said to Crow as I lifted myself up and out of the darkness, where I could not see much of anything,  straight into the light where I could see nothing at all.

” What good is the light if you can’ see anything? This is horrible. I’m going back.”

” You’ll get used to it. ” Crow said the words, but there was no comfort or reassurances gilding them.

” We’ll see about that. ” I was about to lift myself out and just so I could prove to Crow how useless this effort of mine was going to be  when Crow leaned over me and tapped on my forehead

” You’re a stubborn little devil, aren’t you? Now let’s get moving. ”

I fluffed my hair over my forehead, hiding my tiny little pearly white horns and told him, ” You have no idea.”

Photo A.M. Moscoso