Six Doors

These first three doors are familiar doors- traditional, safe, predictable.

You don’t need to guess who or what is on the other side.

One look and the face of someone you know will pop right into your head and you’ll wait patiently ( maybe ) for someone to answer your knock or maybe you’ll just stroll right on in just like I did.

A.M. Moscoso

Photo A.M. Moscoso

Photo A.M Moscoso



Photo A.M. Moscoso

These  three doors are a little less traditional they were a little harder to find and  they are a little less inviting:

Photo A.M. Moscoso Royal BC Museum

Photo A.M. Moscoso

Photo A.M. Moscoso Ghostly Walk HQ Victoria, BC

Maybe you wouldn’t walk through them for any reason, maybe you would never find yourself in the position ask yourself, ” Do I do it? Do I knock and go inside? ”

Maybe you wouldn’t be there with a camera in your hand ( it was October when I took the last three pictures ) just after sunset asking yourself why you were so bewitched by these doors and what you would find on the other side if you just stepped over threshold.


Inspired By The Soul Food Café Prompt: Doors

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