Curious World: The Dirty Thunderstorm

I had this obnoxious former In- Law who really hated the Pacific Northwest. She thought that Colorado has where any and all interesting Geological history was or had happened.

She referred to the Pacific Northwest as the land of ” Volcanic Spew ” and said that there was nothing to be learned from studying the geology of this area.

I’m not sure where all of the hate for Washington state came from, but it just goes to show you ignorance and stupidity can be born from even the most over fed college educated brain and when you’re faced with it- educate yourself.

It’s the best way to deal with willful ignorance.

Over the years I have tried to  up on the research surrounding volcanos,  especially off world volcanos. But  one of the things that always intrigued me about the Volcanos here on earth were the stories about what was called ” Volcano Lightning.”

Less romantically known as a ” Dirty Thunderstorm

Ice Volcanoes on Pluto

I used to hear stories that when ” something ” was escaping from a volcano during ultra violent eruptions ( spirits for the most part ) the sure sign that something evil had entered the world.

That’s why, I learned through a bunch of stories that you didn’t always see lighting during an eruption.

Now I know that ice is involved and that thick clouds of ash” give rise to static electricity” and there you have it- Volcano Lighting.

So as I started to read about the science of Volcano Lighting I learned that it’s sort of interesting phenomenon, that understanding it could help with aviation during an eruption and that it hasn’t been thoroughly  researched or understood yet.

I’m not sure why I like that idea- maybe it’s because for a little while longer I can keep that image of ‘something’ escaping from a lake of lava, something dark, a taker of Souls a destroyer of worlds- and that something has a face, teeth and claws.

On the other hand, if you could ask the people of Pompeii or the victims of the Santorini eruption if they saw lighting, if they saw the taker of souls escape from the darkest center of the Earth they’d probably say yes, don’t you think?

Island of Thera (Santorin) in an eruption that may have created tidal wave destroying Knossus and wiping out the Minoans. (Credit: Universal History Archive/Getty Images)

So today I have learned something that could end up in a story or a poem or a nightmare.

We will see how it goes.






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