I hate surprises- not even fun surprises.

I  don’t like it when I get something I’ve always wanted for Christmas, or when I win a prize or when I lose a button, miss a bus.

This is why:

My brain short of sizzles and I get this trickle of sweat that runs down my spine and I start to sneeze.

So today I picked up a box and got a half dozen tiny glass shards stuck in my hands.

There was blood involved and tweezers and having to dig into my own skin was not exactly a big surprise but it WAS unexpected. I mean, how do you plan on THAT happening?

Just let me add, you have not experienced a surprise in all of it’s glory until you sneeze into a tiny pool of your own blood and it splatters back up into you face.


Author: animar64

I write- the rest is filler

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