Anita Marie Was Here- Again

Today I was doing an image search for ” Crossroads” because I wanted a new picture for my header here at my blog.

Each image I came across was dark, what was beyond the crossroad itself hinted at desolation all of these images implied that if you were here at the Crossroads you were lost and probably damned.

Avoid the Crossroads- that’s where Deals are made with the Devil- so the story goes.

I’ve found myself at the Crossroads over my life- and though I’ll have to admit they are lonesome places to be because we do arrive there alone I can’t say I’ve been frightened by my predicament.

They are familiar places to me and I’ve long since accepted them as my home away from home.

I suppose people are afraid of the Crossroads because we are supposed to find our path and stick to it, create a path and stick to it. Don’t stray from the path or else you could find yourself at The Crossroads with nothing for company but an empty road and the Devil.

Well guess what.

I’d rather find myself at the Crossroads over and over again then to stay on a path, to follow a road and stay on the straight and narrow because we are told that’s what happy humans do.

After all, when we are on a road and we are swinging through life with a song on our lips, Vegan Chocolate Cookies in our backpack and we are safe and happy and secure we are doing what we are supposed to do-finding that place, that friend, that lover to complete us.

That’s what life is supposed to be all about: BELONGING.

It takes a special kind of darkness in us to be willing to face the unknown, the uncertainty and pain that loneliness brings with nothing but company but for your devils and nightmares and one unmarked road after another.

I’ve always picked a road in the end and sometimes I stay on it and sometimes I don’t and when it suits me I head back to the Crossroads again.

Nightmares, Devils, endless sunsets and eternal nights- without them I guess I wouldn’t be who I am.

To not be me. To not be ourselves. To never know how brave and fearless we really are because we never tested ourselves. To spend our lives hiding in the sunlight where it’s safe and bright and everyone looks great in Yoga Pants.

Think about it.

I guess there’s a chance we might run into each other, you know where to find me- if you dare.


Author: animar64

I write- the rest is filler

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