The Bonds Of Seth

20160630_121528-1-1-1.jpgI have found that I am at my most creative not when I connect with the world around me, but when I’m not afraid to connect with myself and what is going on inside of my own head.


Sometimes it’s easy to go on my blog and ‘rant’ as the kids call it. Sometimes I have some valid things to say, but most of the time I wish I had written a story or tried my hand at a poem instead.

I’m reading and watching a lot of Joseph Campbell now days, and I’ve learned that with a shared story- and without the people who create and tell these stories our sense of community fails.

Facebook is an example of people struggling to connect and the story there is how they’ve done it- or for the most part how they’ve NOT connected. One day I figure that will be a recognized part of our mythos.

But who will tell that story? Who will find the heroes and the villains and record the path that people found themselves on once they entered the realm of Facebook.

People who write stories is the short answer.

So I guess that should be the voice I use.



This picture shows Anubis in a ceremony for the Dead called ” Opening Of The Mouth “

It enables the dead to speak and breathe again.

I’m not dead, but I like the idea-

If you’re a creative person it’s easy to get lost, get distracted and in that our work dies. I think I’ll remember this ritual.

I think it will be part of my story.


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