Nature V. Me

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Photo By A.M. Moscoso
Photo By A.M. Moscoso

I spent a lot of time out in nature this week-

I checked out a scummy pond and threw some rocks into it, just to see what would happen ( it smelled worse when the water broke, if you want to know the truth )

Then there’s brick and cement and high-rise buildings. I decided they’re as much of nature as myself or the big blue sky because they’re made of the Earth too- they’re just not the sexy version of Nature.

Photo A.M Moscoso
Photo A.M Moscoso

I told my friend about my week of making nature observations ( or as much nature as you can observe in the suburbs or Pioneer Square in Seattle Washington )  and my friend shared with me that his goal is to exist and not leave any trace of himself after he dies- he’s very much into the Green Experience.

I was horrified, why would you want the world to pretend you never existed? I said that if the Egyptians had felt that way at they may have told Imhotep that NO you can’t build that pyramid. He was one of the earliest Architects ever, modern builders learned from him.

My friend says the Earth would have been better for it.

My brain sort of exploded at that point.


I was walking my dog over one of our favorite trails when I saw these chunks of concrete littering the hillside, they were all in the process of being over run by sticker bushes and Ivy.

The biggest chunks were devoured first and the smaller chunks hadn’t been over run yet.

I’m pointing this out because of what my friend said about not leaving a trace ofhimself behind so as to protect Nature.

From what I’ve seen, it does a pretty good job on it’s own.

Photo A.M. Moscoso
Photo A.M. Moscoso

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