The Moon, Some Bugs and Weeds


B is for the Blade of Grass

I went out this morning with eyes opened, camera and notebook in hand and I was ready to observe nature.

Saw the trees, saw the moon saw some birds and I even saw some bugs.

I was in the middle of trying to decide which to pay attention to when I dropped my bus pass looked down and I saw nature, right there on the edge of my neighbors lawn:

Photo By: A.M. Moscoso
Photo By: A.M. Moscoso

It wasn’t a noble tree, an explosion of colors in a carefully maintained flower bed, it was a mole hill. A living creature made that, I don’t know how long it takes them to dig but they’re cute little guys and I hate it when they get picked off by cats.

Moles might not be anyone’s idea of wildlife and there little hills cause grief to people who love their lawns, but I admire those little moles.

They’ll dig up and bust out of the ground and once they do, they are so small and vulnerable I wonder why they bother to break through to the surface at all.

And then I think to myself- well, why the heck not?

It’s their world too.

Nature doesn’t believe in borders.

Photo A.M. Moscoso
Photo A.M. Moscoso

I’ve been watching this Ivy crawling up this pole for awhile now- it’s been cut down, it’s been poisoned and my dog even grabbed it once and tried to run off with it.

Just when I think it’s gone, I’ll look down and I’ll see it down there hiding in the weeds and then- boom, it’s on it’s way up to the light.

I admire that.

Nature is tough.

Photo: A.M. Moscoso
Photo: A.M. Moscoso

I saw this man and his Bull Dog walking down the alley this morning-

Just a man and his dog taking in the air, the Sun, the gross smells from the garbage cans. In this moment they’re participating in nature- and there is nothing coming between them and the world around them.

Nature is supposed to be lived in, we are suppose to be part of it.

No matter where it is.


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