The Blood of Dinosaurs

Today I found inspiration in this video my friend Heather posted on her blog

While Waiting For Godot

A few days ago I posted a short story called

The Grave Tale of Murder Dog and Trash Panda


Yesterday I stuck up for myself in a big way and instead of feeling bad or vindictive or even a little sorry, I felt pretty much the same way I do when I go to the wall for other people.

I felt pretty damn good for doing it.

That’s not a bad way to treat yourself, is it?


Being creative, in my case I do that through my writing, gives me this edge, makes me feel confident and I welcome change, I want to take on challenges and try new things.

The only thing I am being beat by are Haikus.

I tried to write ONE. Just one little meaningful Haiku.

I failed on Epic levels with that- so I found this site that you use to teach kids to write Haikus and….ha!

I will be back my little three lined friend and WE will get to know each other very well. I promise you that.wp-1466776953503.jpg

:::Inspired By:::

The Soul Food Cafe Prompt

A is for Athanor

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