She Has A Lot of Character


All of my stories start the same way.

I have a notebook full of names and I have links to character name generators and what I do is find a name and then I imagine someone leaning over and whispering into my ear:

” My name is Lorna Diarmad and I have a story to tell you.”

I wish I could say I keep journals about all of my great adventures and my life is full of colorful people and experiences- well actually it is. But for some reason that rarely inspires a story the way the names Murder Dog and Trash Panda do.

I just need a name and a number- now the number thing is a puzzle to me.

For some reason I use numbers instead of titles when I write a story. The titles are always the last thing I choose, but everything I write has a number.

I don’t like numbers, I hate them so much I avoid them at all costs- I took the calculator app off of my phone because I will never, ever use it.

So why I  put random numbers at the top of anything I write is a mystery to me- maybe there’s a story in it. All I know is I’ve done this since I started to write when I was 9  years old.


Today I was thinking a lot about the characters in my stories.

At first it’s like they’re ghosts, those apparitions we catch glimpses of in the corner of our eyes.

As the story comes together, they go from being a whisper the voice we think we hear when we walk through an empty room, when we’re out walking alone at night, when the music or the TV is up loud and something, that little sound works it’s way from the background and you turn the volume down because you feel it in your bones,

you heard something.

And your brain wants to know what it is.

When I have that name, that’s the whisper, that’s the sound that makes my brain say,

” What was that Anita Marie…what was that?”

That’s how all of my stories begin.

With a lot of Character.

And that thing I see at the corner of my eye.


:::Inspired By:::

The Soul Food Cafe Prompt

A is for Athanor

Author: animar64

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One thought on “She Has A Lot of Character”

  1. One of my participants in Travels did the guided imagery to find her totem animal but a character took over and insisted it was her who was finding the animal totem. Assertive characters do have a knack of making themselves heard.


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