Venka Greer

:::Alluvial Mining:::

Memory’s Molten Stream
The Temptation


Venka Greer stood on the shore

and the River that flowed by whispered to her:

Taste me and forget, swim in me and forget, drown in me

and live.


Venka Greer wanted to taste the river

swim in the water

drown in it

but she did not want to live.


she turned back from the shoreline

and walked through the darkness until she came to another River.


Taste me and remember, swim in me and remember, drown in me

and die

this River sang to her.


Venka Greer considered the two Rivers.

She considered her life.

And between the two Rivers…

She died of thirst.

Author: animar64

I write- the rest is filler

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