Is Anyone There?

:::Alluvial Mining:::

Mining The World Of Our Dreams

 c750d7c5bd845c785c65d429cb95e97c.jpg” Where is everyone?” I called out in my dream.

I thought I heard something.

Was it a voice?


” Is anybody here?”

I walked from room to room.

I pulled open doors, looked in closets, opened drawers while all the time

I called out over and over again asking if anyone could hear me.

The horror crept up my spine and threw it’s icy hand over my mouth.

I couldn’t make a sound.

Nobody was here with me in this empty dream of mine.


I took a deep breath, found my voice and I called out:

” Hey! I can’t find my way out of here. Can someone wake me up? Is there anyone there?”

I took the stairs to the basement, back up to the attic and found my way to the kitchen.

” Somebody wake me up!” I panicked. ” I can’t get out of here! Somebody wake me me up! I think I’m dead in here. Somebody wake me up!”

 ” Anita wake up!” my sister was standing over me, ” Stop it, wake up!”

 I opened one eye, looked around.

Relieved I opened my other eye.

” I had the worst dream. I think I was dead. I think I was a ghost. And I couldn’t wake up because I was dead.”

My sister walked over to the the overhead light switch and flipped it on. Then she raced back to her bed, jumped in and threw the covers over her head.

” Turn that off.” I said.

” Uh-uh. No way. That dream of yours freaked me out.The light stays on.”

” I won’t be able to get back to sleep.” I got up walked to the lightswitch and I was about to flip it down when my sister said-

” Anita, you’re not awake.”

Author: animar64

I write- the rest is filler

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