The Miner




There are so many places out in the world to see

so many words to be spoken and heard and written


How far would I go to catch that bit of inspiration- hear that turn of a phrase,  see the expressions on a face caught unaware in thought that could bring a story together.

I’d go pretty far because I haven’t met a place yet that I didn’t find something interesting to see, some image I took away with me.

The trick is, when you are out mining for a story to not  take in the whole scene, sometimes I’ll look into a room or a person’s face or a building and I’ll throw a grid on it- a mental one.

And then I go over the room bit by bit and that’s how I’ll find that one thing, that one person or color or shadow that has a story.

It’s waiting for someone to find it.

On the good days, it’s me.


It comes down to this for: when feel that pull to tell a story, when images from it race through my head, when I can hear the character’s voice or see their face I will chase it down and capture it in words.


For awhile I found that if something I was writing about hit to close to home or my reaction to what I was writing was an emotional one I’d change the story and edit myself out.

I ran away from the story.

Can you believe that?


I don’t do that anymore- I dig where I have to dig, face what I have to face because that’s what a storyteller does.


No matter what.

Author: animar64

I write- the rest is filler

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