Stage Left



The World’s A Stage

Take a seat, please choose a seat, you are after all our guest of honor tonight.

It’s been several years since anyone has taken the stage here to perform a play, or an opera and its been ages since the symphony played here.

But tonight, just for you the curtain will go up, the house lights will go down and the story you’ll see tonight will take your breath away, stop your heart make your spirit sing.

The music will ring in your ears and the actors!

Some may call them over the top, a little full of themselves but do we expect less of our players? We do not.

I know, this Grand Old Theatre doesn’t look like much, it is the corpse of far grander place that belonged to a golden time. But you can you feel it?

It still has so much to tell us- the plays, the music the life that rushed around on the stage, all of that vivacity  just soaked itself into the wood and plaster and brick.

Listen! I can hear the actors back stage can you? Bickering over costumes and lines, rushing around, frantically whispering or bellowing their lines.

Just now they are putting last minute touches to makeup, to costumes. The are all readying themselves for that moment when the curtain goes up and the first line, that first breath that brings it all to life happens

Can you feel it?

Can you?


” Mr. Holworth, Simon! Can  you hear me? Simon we need for you to BREATHE Simon. Come on…”

He could hear the blood rushing in his head, he could feel the unbearable pressure in the middle of his chest.

He felt a hand take his arm


And it led him down an aisle close to the stage

It’s Curtains  Mr. Holworth, are you ready to see the play now?


It’s a lovely piece- I think you’ll enjoy it.

Ah. The lights are going down.

Please Mr. Holworth, sit here. It’s the best seat in the house and you are after all our guest honor.


Good. Now enjoy yourself. Please say you will . Wonderful! I’ll see you after the show.

And if I don’t, I’ll wish you a good night now.


Author: animar64

I write- the rest is filler

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